Today's website must not only be good, but also responsive -- meaning that your customers should be able to access it from any computer and mobile device. It also means that if B2B it should generate many leads, and if B2C have a high

visitors-to-customers conversion rate.


Mistake #1: Creating your website as a brochure

Website-brochures are good for some, but not for most of the businesses. Instead of being your showcase, your website must solve your visitors’ problems.


Mistake #2: Not trying to build at least one website yourself


The failure of even trying to build a website yourself is probably one of the biggest mistakes a small business can make. Only if you have done it before using available free or inexpensive options and found it deficient, you should look for the web agency to build it for you.


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Even if these cookie-cuter websites don’t do what you need them to do, you still benefit as acquire much useful knowledge  during this DIY process.


Mistake #3: Leaving the most important thing to developer


The most important thing in doing business, including your website, is to have a clear goal. Nobody knows your business like you do. You are the one who should establish the goals for your websit -- nobody else but you! 


Shifting this burden to your developers will lead to failure. What your developer should be able to help you with, however, is to create the strategy to achieve your goals.


Think of your developers as your book publishers. The book publishers don’t write the books. They create books and find customers for them. You web agency should be able to help you with editing what you have written. You should also involve them in a few brainstorming sessions at the very start of the process.


Your web agency’s primary focus should be making sure that your website works the way your customers expect it to work, i.e. easy navigation, useful content, simple and quick execution of orders, and security against the hackers


Mistake #4: Creating an insufficiently sophisticated website


If you're selling anything, your website must be able to keep the track of your customers and their orders, create special offers of various sorts and provide a sophisticated reporting of visitors and transactions, and other similar things. Anything less can hardly be called a business website.


Mistake #5: Choosing options based largely on price


While saving as much money as possible is what businesses are supposed to do, remember that "buy cheap, pay twice" is truer than almost in any other area when it comes to building the website. Relying on freelancers will cost you dearly. Just imagine hiring off the street a random individual to do a critical task. If you are lucky, it may work, but most likely, it will cost you money and headache.


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